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LIKE – Act 1, The Big Boro Cuddle

Saturday 3 February 2018, 7.00pm - 11.00pm

Comedian Patrick Monahan is set to bring the art of comedy to Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art and will recount people’s stories and memories of the town in a special event.

LIKE – Act 1, The Big Boro Cuddle, is a day of celebration of Middlesbrough, a place built on migration throughout history, and we applaud our town’s diverse community, through music, art, film and literature.  During the daytime, people are invited to come along and talk to the team about how they, their family and relatives came to settle in Middlesbrough and make the town home.  From these discussions, giant storyboards will be made together with the people, local writers, storytellers and artists depicting stories on how Middlesbrough came to be what it is today.  During evening event, the stories and information will be used to inspire the performances, so it really is a chance for people of the town to be involved in this event and celebrate how Middlesbrough has became home to many.

The evening entertainment is based on themes discovered from the day’s activities and Monahan, who grew up in the area, comperes a packed evening show. He is joined by acclaimed local author Richard Milward and activist poet Matt Abbott .  Bringing music to the evening’s entertainment is DJ Danielle Johnson and live music from Northern Soul band Soul Elite.

Evening activities are ticketed and priced at £10.00 and start at 7pm until late, tickets available from: LIKE tickets or can be purchased in our shop in advance.

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