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Katarina Zdjelar: Screening and in Conversation

12 January 2017 6:30 pm - 12 January 2017 8:30 pm

Image credit: Katarina Zdjelar, Aitormena. World jautsitsaitsutsitsaitsugunea, 2013 (still). Courtesy of the artist, Rotterdam.

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art presents a selection of videos by the Serbian-born, Netherlands-based artist Katarina Zdjelar as part of Northern Film & Media’s FILM CLUB, a programme supported by Arts Council England. The screenings are followed by a discussion between Zdjelar and Senior Curator Miguel Amado.

Zdjelar’s practice explores language and sound in relation to cultural contexts. The videos selected for this session interrogate the role of voice and music in establishing national identities, whether relating to immigration status, colonial structures or linguistic imperialism.

The Perfect Sound (2009) shows an individual attending an English language accent removal class, and examines migrant integration policies in the UK. Similarly, Shoum (2009) follows two non-English-speaking Serbian men attempting to transcribe the lyrics of ‘Shout’, a song by the UK band Tears for Fears, thus inventing a language that is part phonetic English, part Serbian.

My Lifetime (Malaika) (2012) documents a rehearsal of the Ghanaian National Symphony Orchestra, making a comment on postcolonial ideological transfer. Aitormena. World jautsitsaitsutsitsaitsugunea (2012) explores the adoption of the Basque language by bands in Spain following the death of General Franco, revealing connections between politics and symbolic capital.



Katarina Zdjelar Workshop

 11 January 2017

2.00pm – 5.00pm

The Serbian-born, Netherlands-based artist Katarina Zdjelar explores language and sound in relation to cultural contexts. Through her works, she interrogates the role of voice and music in defining the collective unconscious. In this workshop, she offers insights into her creative process and methodologies as well as the themes and issues she engages with.

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