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Greenham Women Are Everywhere

14 January 2016 5:30 pm - 14 January 2016 7:00 pm

Join Teesside University Cultural History MA student Rosemary Stubbs as she explores themes drawn from Margaret Harrison’s exhibition Accumulations. Her starting point is the way in which the women of Greenham Common attracted the attention of the national press in the 1980s, and how they became one of the most visible forms of activism in the UK during that period.

This talk is followed by the presentation of Can’t Beat It Alone (Amber Films Current Affairs Unit, 1985), an iconic film investigating the effects of nuclear energy in the North East of England throughout the 1980s and its associated threat to the coal mining industry. A discussion connects Harrison’s work with the topics addressed in the lecture and screening, shedding light on practices of oppositional politics in the UK and beyond.

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Margaret Harrison Accumulations Jason Hynes Photography 2

credit: Jason Hynes Photography

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