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Creative Community Programme – Think Differently

13 December 2018

Please Note: We are updating our programme and will restart in February 2019.  Details will be posted shortly.


Think Differently is a series of discussions on topical issues led by Middlesbrough-based philosopher and film and media studies lecturer Gary Widdowfield. The sessions are designed to foster critical thinking towards the production of knowledge. Through informal discussion, participants consider how concepts from philosophy can be useful to understand current issues. As a group, we build a toolbox of techniques to understand society in a different way.

For the Autumn – Winter 2018 season, these discussion sessions stimulate critical thinking around film, looking at examples from popular and independent cinema. The series ties in with our Cinema Paradiso programme of full-length film screenings.


The sessions are friendly and everyone is welcome. There’s no need to book, just turn up, sessions are free.

27 Sept – Think Differently – Introduction – Why think about film?

4 Oct – Think Differently – Film and the Political

11 Oct – no session

18 Oct – no session

25 Oct –  Cinema Paradiso – I is for India

1 Nov – Think Differently – Film and Class

8 Nov – Think Differently – Film and Gender: Representations of Femininity

15 Nov – Think Differently – Film and Gender: Representations of Masculinity

22 Nov – Cinema Paradiso – Paris is Burning

29 November – Think Differently – Film and Sexuality/Gender

6 Dec – Think Differently – Film and Ethnicity

13 Dec – Cinema Paradiso – Tangerine


All Think Differently sessions 17:30-19:00

All Cinema Paradiso sessions 17:30-19:30




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