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Cinema Paradiso

Monthly until 25 January 2018

We invite everyone to join us for viewings and discussions at our monthly film night.  We share a vegetarian meal and films start at 5.30pm, finishing at 7.30pm.

This season, our programme reflects politics, housing, culture and identity.


28 September

Men of Consett (1959, dir. Tom Stobart, 27 mins, UK, certified U) [documentary]

Men of Consett is an account of the life and work of the steel community at Consett Iron Company, County Durham.  It documents the importance of iron ore, the manufacture of steel and the working lives of steelworkers.


26 October

Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle (2017, dir. Paul Sng, 82 mins, UK, certified PG) [documentary]

Telling the stories of people living in social housing in Glasgow, Nottingham and London, this documentary captures the demise of neighbourhoods and communitieis.  It shows how social housing has been neglected in these areas and documents the struggles of social housing tenants.
During the discussion, participants can contribute to questions for an interview with the director.


23 November

Fire At Sea (2016, dir. Gianfranco Rosi, 114 mins, Italy, certifieid 12) [docmentary]

The story of a 12 year old boy and his life on an island off the coast of Sicily, Lampedusa.  Life on the island continually adjust to being a symbolic border of Europe, as thousands of migrants journey there in search of a new life.


25 January 2018

Letters from Baghdad (2016, dir. Sabine Krayenbühl, Zeva Oelbaum, 95 mins, USA, certified PG)

This film takes the story of Gertrude Bell (born 1868, died 1926), writer and archaeologist who grew up in Redcar.  Bell travelled extensively in the area now known as the Middle East.  She became influential in British imperial policy and helped to draw up the borders of Iraq and to set up the Iraq Museum.






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