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Sisters by Chiara Camoni

8 January 2019 - 10 February 2019

From Tuesday, 8 January – 10 February 2019 only, we present Italian artist Chiara Camoni’s first UK solo exhibition. Supported by The Contemporary Art Society through the first Jackson Tang Ceramic Award, we have acquired three large sculptures from Camoni’s recent series Sisters (iron, glazed clay, candles, fire, 2017).

Sister1, Sister3 and Sister4 are glazed clay forms with multi-coloured candles that are lit during the works’ display. On show for one month only, different individuals and groups from our community will light the candles daily. This activation of the sculptures resonates with historic and contemporary traditions of celebrating light at the darkest and coldest time of year.

Camoni, based in Fabriano, Tuscany, whose practice involves working at the kitchen table or in the garden with people from her village, making through conversation, with new conservations created through the making process.

Camoni (b.1974, Piacenza, Italy) studied Sculpture at Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan. She lives and works in Fabiano, in Tuscany’s Versilia Hills. Camoni’s is a distinctly feminist practice. Quiet, conversational, and collaborative, it embodies important values and approaches that speak to MIMA’s recent focus on social and collaborative practices.

Sisters are positioned simultaneously as sculptures and as events. Their forms shift whilst they are shown, marking the movement of time, through the accumulation of wax. They play with questions of function, sitting between statuettes and candelabras.

This trio of works is about relationships. Relationships to clay and via clay, to the land. Relationships between the elements of the sculptures and between each of the three sculptures. Relationships between Camoni and her informal collaborators; those in her village who make the work with her. Relationships between Camoni and the audience, and now relationships between those who will light the works and between those people and MIMA.

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